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SAMSUNG S8+ not turning on: Displaying "SAMSUNG Galaxy S8+ POWERED BY android"

(Topic created: 03-15-2024 01:55 PM)
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Hello everyone, I tried rooting my s8+, did everything right(i think) and it failed, retried multiple times but failed and now i did it again and it wouldn't turn on and keep displaying "SAMSUNG Galaxy S8+ POWERED BY android" for hours.

I tried:

-Hard reset(vol down+power): doesn't change anything

-reseting it multiple times on TWRP

-installing stock firmware back but when it is loading and installing system( blue screen) it turns off and stops

If you can help me, thank you very much, tell me anything I didn't try that could maybe work I will try everything.If you have the same problem you might find the answer below |


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