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No location tones when receiving notifications

(Topic created: 05-04-2024 09:51 AM)
Galaxy S21

S21 / Samsung watch3

recently did a factory reset on my phone.  Since then I receive every popup and audible notification I should get . . . except location.  I've tried Family Safety, Alexa, Maps,  Family360.  I've tried them all with the other 3 location apps uninstalled or Force Stop.

The only one that gives a popup (on my watch) is Family360.  The only one to give an audible notification is, well, none of them.  again, AFAIK, I get audible and popup notifications from all other apps.  Even that's not quite true.  I receive my Family360 popup notifications about one out of 5-10 times.  The rest of the time, . . . nothing.  To beat a dead horse (for emphasis), NONE give an audible notification.  This doesn't change when the home screen is on.

I've been to the S21 Settings multiple times.  Notifications are set correctly.  Each apps location notification settings are correct.  How do I get audible notifications?

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