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Registar Back-Tap and Waze: Notification Panel Craziness

(Topic created: 02-06-2023 09:47 AM)
Cosmic Ray
Galaxy S21

I think I have found a weird bug that seems to be related to the Good Lock Registar's app Back-Tap function...

Lately, while using Waze in my car on a wireless phone charger, the Notification Panel would mysteriously appear all on its own. This would happen frequently and without rhyme or reason, but only seemed to happen while using Waze and only while on the wireless phone charger. I have a Samsung Ultra S21 running Android 13 One UI v5.

Completely stumped and incredibly aggravating! I did notice a little round "Double-Tap" button appeared on the Notification Panel as well - and I couldn't remember the source nor was I sure that it was related to my issue.

Anyway, I figured out that the Double-Tap button thingy was from the Registar Good Lock app, specifically the Back-Tap function which I had set to display notifications with a double tap.

I have disabled Back-Tap and, so far, no more problems with Waze! If I am correct, somehow the wireless charging is tricking Registar into thinking a double tap on the back has occurred which causes it to display the notification panel.

I sure hope this is the root cause as this issue with Waze was driving me insane (pun intended)!

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Community Manager
Community Manager
Galaxy S21

Thank you for reaching out. I can certainly understand your frustration with the Back-Tap function and would be happy to look into this further for you. I would recommend submitting an error report per this link: https://galaxystore.samsung.com/detail/com.samsung.android.goodlock?langCd=en


Please use this link to submit an error report: https://us.community.samsung.com/t5/Samsung-Apps-and-Services/How-to-submit-an-error-report/td-p/247...