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How to turn off message previews?

(Topic created: 06-24-2022 04:31 PM)
Galaxy S22

How do I turn off message previews? I have it turned off on the lock screen, but while the phone is unlocked, I don't want the message previews to pop up? My old phone had the option to turn that off. I have the 22 Ultra now. 


I asked this question earlier and someone replied with turning off previews, but that option is for the LOCK SCREEN and I couldn't respond. As I said, I have already turned it off for the lock screen. I want it off for when the phone is unlocked. Is that possible? 

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Galaxy S22
Okay, try this before arguing because most of this will sound familiar.

Go to settings, lock screen, then tap on THE WORD "Notifications" and not the slider next to it. In that menu select "Hide Content"

This is supposed to hide the content of the notifications.

If this is not working then you can also make use of the Silent Notifications setting which is right there on the same screen. Just tell it to not show silent notifications and then whatever content you don't want to be displayed you can just set as silent by long pressing that notification and setting it to silent.