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My S22 ultra talking back to every letter and number I Swype or delete

(Topic created: 12-19-2022 01:38 PM)
Galaxy S22

Why is my phone saying each and every number or letter i I Swype or delete some she says like "a-alpha" and even says space when I hit the space bar this is the worst galaxy I've ever owned and I feel robbed and I read and I can prove it I have it all on video. When i was on the phone with the rep on the day it went live on pre sale. That conversation with the sales rep 2 hours plus long and as I was on samsung website and it showing me stuff she said I shouldn't be able to even see that it was showing the breakdown of the money i saved for getting a bogo and bundle package of which I had not but that wasn't subtracted but added to the cost of the phone alone, at wl one point the total came to over $1,500 the rep saw it too. When i Started complaining to Samsung about the issues with this phone it was not even 2 weeks old and it advised me to contact my Carrier so I could get a loner phone and send my brand new phone I was overcharged for that I paid $1440 but it was on presell for $1,299. The$250 in Samsung cash I was told I would be able to use until May 4th but when I went to use it I was denied because like I told the rep it says not to leave money on the table she said it was in the notes I also have those reference numbers. No way would I send back a brand new phone for them to fix it was broken to begin with and everyone that has one knows it! Corporate America at its finest. I guess that's okay that we give them so much money for something that doesn't last forever or for a long as it should but when they pump out a product that had so many malfunctions that's corrupt thru need to do a major recall and refund the money paid to them for this S22 ultra plus a lil extra for the bs this phone had put us thru. Sadly they are like puppeteers and have strings coming off like Freddy Krueger did when the kids were in the mental hospital in nightmare on elm Street because we are so desperate to stay connected we have already stored photos and have memories in them that cannot be replaced and the first clue was when I Irie to buy it the day it went live and every time I tried to checkout it would empty my cart of the things I'd bought to go with this phone with the Samsung cash an entire I spent ding that over and over you know the total insanity until I could get home and call them and spent several more hours described above. Shame on Samsung. 

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Galaxy S22

Hello, We understand how frustrating it can be for your phone to read your actions out loud. This sounds like the Talkback feature may be active. Take a look at this article for more information about this feature, including the steps to disable it. https://www.samsung.com/us/support/answer/ANS00085503/


For concerns regarding service for the phone, please follow up with customer service by calling 1-800-726-7864.


Concerns with an order from Samsung will need to be addressed with the E-Commerce team, as they are the only team with the necessary resources to assist you. They may be reached by calling 1-855-726-8721.


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