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Android Auto Appears to attempt to start SXM

(Topic created: 06-15-2024 08:26 AM)
Galaxy S23

I had a S20e for about a year and loved it, but apparently it was too fragile for me. Last week the touch screen failed, and could swipe nothing. When I removed the otter box the rear cover of the phone was basically destroyed.

I bought the S23FE the other day, because I wanted to stay as simple as possible, and the case appears more stout. Now that I have it basically set up, I'm having a problem with Android Auto I didn't have with the S20e.

When I get in my truck (which already has a subscription for SXM,) Android Auto on the S23FE attempts, and continues to attempt, to start the SXM App on my phone.

HOW DO I STOP THIS? It didn't happen with the S20e. Unfortunately, I do need to keep the SXM App on the phone because I have 2 cars that utilize an aftermarket BT connection for SXM, and I listen to the SXM App on the phone in my garage when I'm working.


Thank you!!!

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Galaxy S23

I can only hazard a guess.  Have you gone into the AA settings and made sure the "start music automatically" slider is set to off? It sounds like if it's on, it will attempt to start media on your phone and broadcast it to the car speakers.

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