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Questions and suggestions about One UI

(Topic created: 05-04-2024 02:44 PM)
Galaxy S23

What the title says. I recently switched to a S23 Ultra with latest One UI 6.1, and I'm missing some options, or behaviours, and I don't know if there's a way to achieve them or not:


1 - Can notifications be muted or set to NOT vibrate while using the phone, unlocked? If not, I suggest an option for this, or a way to achieve it through routines (if only there was a "If phone unlocked" on routines conditions...)

2 - Secure folder has some settings of its own, but not the full settings range as the main profile. I suggest to add the hide/show notch by individual apps to secure folder settings.

3 - How's the correct way to open an app touching its notification? I'm using notifications in brief mode, and a single touch seems to do nothing. It is correct to assume that the proper way to open brief notifications is double tapping on them? Also, can a single touch expand the brief notification when touching the right arrow, or does that require a double tap as well?

4 - I suggest an option to disable the (really annoying) sound when setting sound mode to "sound". There's already an option to disable some system sounds, this one could be added there.

5 - About the persistent "media playing" notification, I suggest a statusbar icon (just like with any other app notification) so we could check if something is playing by just looking at the statusbar, and not having to expand the notifications drawer.

6 - About data usage control, I can currently set the billing cycle day, but I cannot adjust the data used. For example, I just switched phones, my real data usage this month is 13GB but according to my new Samsung it is only 161MB. There should be an option to edit current usage data to adjust these kind of things. If there's already such option, I haven't found it.

7 - Add an option to Routines actions for dismissing certain notifications (maybe only the ones created by Modes and routines itself).

8 - Add an option to Routines actions for, in addition to "when vol up/vol down/side button/ pressed", have a "when vol up AND vol down button pressed...

8 - Is there a way to disable the system equalizer per app? Poweramp has his own equalizer and I don't want them to be applied at the same time.

9 - Is there a way to change the color of notification statusbar icons? I just got this from a local mail app:


Depending on the wallpaper, that icon is hard to see. There should be an option to set them all to a specific color.


Thanks in advance!


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