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S23 Ultra Freezes Up

(Topic created: 03-18-2023 02:42 PM)
Galaxy S23
My S23 Ultra freezes up quite often. None of my other Samsung phones had this issue. Sometimes I, go to open an app and something other than what I to wanted opens up.

Can anyone help 

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Galaxy S23
That is not normal behavior.

It could be due to a corrupted restore of backed up data. It could be due to a corrupted update install. It could be due to a rogue app. It could be malware.

The first thing to try is to look at battery history and see if you have any apps using a lot more battery. If you find something uninstall it and see if that helps.

If that doesn't apply you can go into recovery by turning phone off then power and volume up. Press both until splash screen then keep holding volume up only. Once in recovery menu navigate to cache. Clear or delete cache. Reboot. See if that stops your issue.

If those two things didn't work then your only remaining solution would be to back up your phone using Samsung backup in account settings or using Google back up and then resetting your phone.

After a reset if you still have freeze ups then you may have a hardware problem and need to contact Samsung for repair. Don't do any type of data restore until you know the freeze up issue is gone. If you do a restore and start having the issue again then you know your back upnis bad. You will have to add apps and data manually in this case.

Another way to see if an app is causing your problem would be to boot into safe mode. Power down. Then press power and volume down in the same way you got into recovery. If the phone works fine in safe mode then an app is most likely the cause.

Good luck. Hope you can find a solution. Your phone should not freeze up.
Galaxy S23
Bro I'm having the same issue and it's dropping calls and saying I don't have internet service too
Galaxy S23

My S23 Ultra freezes when I’m using the s pen. The s pen panel is present on the screen and the s pen icon is blinking. I can still click on the panel. however, the screen behind it is frozen. I have to hard restart it because even though I’m able to bring up the setting to power off my screen is unresponsive to touch. To hard restart it press down the volume and the side key simultaneously.  I returned the phone thinking it was a manufacturer defect. However, I’ve had my new phone for 2 weeks and it just happened again. Very frustrating since I thought it was a defect and maybe it’s wasn’t. Also I’m having the same problem as others have mentioned on other forums of my s pen disconnects from the air action and have to reinsert to have it connect again.