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S23 Ultra on Verizon Wireless - Not showing as multi-SIM or even compatible with pSIM

(Topic created: 05-14-2024 08:17 PM)
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My S23 Ultra was originally activated on VZW with a physical SIM card, but I switched that to eSIM not long afterward.

Verizon Wireless recently began offering "Second Number," which interests me, but requires that the primary SIM be a physical SIM card, with the 2nd number coming via eSIM.

I picked up a physical SIM card at a local VZW retail store, and I brought it home to begin the process of reverting back to primary physical SIM.

Strangely, however, VZW told me that my phone wasn't compatible with their Second Number offering because my phone wasn't showing as a multi-SIM device.

This is a S23 Ultra we're talking about.

The device has two IMEIs, one for pSIM, the other for eSIM.

The technical support rep said that attempting to activate the pSIM IMEI resulted in the generation of an eSIM, so she couldn't get it linked up with the ICCID on the pSIM I had sitting in front of me.

Does any of this make sense?!  I know darn well that this thing has a pSIM slot and is multi-SIM-capable, and I don't think that a pSIM IMEI can magically change to an eSIM IMEI.

Anyone seen this?  Experienced similar?  Suggestions?

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