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Spot Color help specifically for S23 FE

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Galaxy S23

Actually S23 FE but no selection for that. Carrier is Spectrum. Samsung's own directions for using spot color srates to click on AI, then click on "spot color." Once AI is clicked on, however, there is no way to get to "spot color," no link, no 3 dots, no nothing. Naturally tried using the feature endless ways & watched a bunch of videos, problem being those instructions are older, a zillion updates ago,  and/or for different Galaxy models. Tired of the time suck, can anyone please direct me to correct instructions specifically for the S23 FE. Starting to think they rushed this model to market with a ton of glitches. TYVM.

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@UW_MadCity Not sure where you saw those directions. Try this:

  1. Click the photo in the Gallery
  2. Click on the pencil icon
  3. Click the icon which is 4 circles. It is on the right end of the collection of icons. 
  4. Click on Spot color