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Studio cutoff S24+

(Topic created: 06-15-2024 01:51 AM)
Galaxy S24
When I choose MY MUSIC in Studio if the song is, say 3 minutes long but i only put enough pictures for half a minute the song continues with a blank screen till the end of the music. How can I make what used to be called a movie with my music of choice and end when the pictures run out?
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@AbraxasGalaxyS24 There is an easy way to do that. Click on the audio track. Go to the far end where you will find a white bar. Drag that white bar to the left until you get to the end of your video. This will trim the music. 

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I recently discovered through trial and error that the June update is not the problem with speed.
I learned that 2 things have been affecting performance. 
1) Time of day and 2) Which server I am connected to when I run a test.
I feel like I should have already known these things as most people probably already do.
In the attachment you can see the variety of numbers from trying different things.
At my age I find thing dumb mode can still set in.