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Treadmill Activity Not Working Completely

(Topic created: 09-06-2023 02:53 AM)
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My Galaxy Watch5 is registering regular steps and distance acurately.

However, I just started using a treadmill.  The watch is measuring my heart rate and the time (when I set it to "treadmill workout" in Samsung Health) but it does not recognize the number of steps or the distance.

I did put my phone in my pocket today and my phone registers the steps on the treadmill and then syncs with my watch correctly.

But I don't understand why the watch doesn't track my regular walking vs. on the treadmill automatically.


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Community Manager
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Hello, Welcome to the Community. We understand how frustrating it is when your workout is not tracked correctly. 

Are you activating the treadmill workout from the Multi Workout tile? This article provides information for managing the Tiles: https://www.samsung.com/us/support/answer/ANS00034473/

For auto workout detection, take a look at this article: https://www.samsung.com/us/support/answer/ANS00083510

Auto workout detection is available for the following workouts:

  • Walking/Running

  • Cycling

    Note: This workout is not available for autodetection on the Galaxy Watch5 and Galaxy Watch4, but you can add it to the Multi-workouts tile.

  • Elliptical trainer

  • Rowing machine

  • Dynamic workout (detects high-movement activities)

  • Swimming

    For additional assistance with the tracking features, we recommend reaching out to Samsung Health directly by calling 1-855-795-0509.

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Treadmill exercise tracking is inaccurate. Is there a feature to manually adjust the distance ran on a treadmill or other workouts? The data, particularly for treadmill exercises, is inaccurate. This is the natural flaw of using a pedometer/accelerometer to track indoor/treadmill runs, so the ability to manually adjust the results and have the watch calibrate to my stride over time is important.

Please add the feature to manually adjust the distance ran. Preferably on the watch itself, when tapping "Finish" for the exercise, the ability to change the distance ran to what I see on the treadmill will make the workout more accurate. And the ability for the watch to calibrate to my input overtime would be an added bonus.

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Why can't activities like elliptical running not count and track steps? It would be nice if running like activities like these track steps. If it knows the steps before you start and it's more after then there have to be steps to track during. At a minimum the programming could note steps before and after the workout.