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ICYMI: Tab S6 vs. Galaxy Book S

(Topic created: 08-19-2019 12:08 PM)
Cosmic Ray

It’s time to compare some of new gaming-friendly devices that launched, the Galaxy Tab S6 and the Galaxy Book S. I thought it would be nice to breakdown some of the features to help you figure out which is better for you.


The Galaxy Tab S6: 

 BATCH 1Galaxy_TabS6_Unpacked_Recap_Final.jpg

  • Processor: The Galaxy Tab S6’s Snapdragon 855 processor makes it easy to rapidly switch between apps and tasks or immerse yourself in graphic-intensive games.
  • Display/Speakers: The Galaxy Tab S6 comes with an edge-to-edge Super AMOLED display so you can enjoy superior game graphics and sound from quad speakers tuned by AKG.
  • Battery: With a single charge lasting up to 15 hours* the Galaxy Tab S6’s battery gives you more hours of power (*based on laboratory testing. Battery life depends on usage).
  • Memory:  With the option of 128GB or 256GM plus an option to expand to up to 512GB with a microSD card, the Galaxy Tab S6 has room for everything.   



The Galaxy Book S: 

 BATCH 1Galaxy_BookS_Unpacked_Recap_Final.jpg

  • Processor:  The Galaxy Book S features a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx processor that performs at extraordinary speeds.
  • Battery: The Galaxy Book S’s 20-hour battery* will give you more than enough power to keep you focused on the game without searching for an outlet (*average expected performance based on typical use, results may vary).
  • Lightweight: Built with lightweight aluminum and weighing just under 2 pounds, the Galaxy Book S can go where you do.   
  • Display: The Galaxy Book S’s 13” Full HD touchscreen gives you full control over what you need to get the job done.


So, what do you think? Which is more your style? Be one of the first to have the Galaxy Tab S6 or the Galaxy Book S by signing up for more info!


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I would have to say that the Galaxy Book S is more my style. I prefer the keyboard attached to the tablet permanently compared to the bluetooth add-on keyboard of a tablet. I own a Galaxy Tab S2 and a Chromebook Pro, which I find myself reaching more for the Chromebook Pro for my needs. 


I would have preferred a side-by-side comparison, or at least comparing all of the same specs.


I purchased the Samsung Galaxy Book S and I haven't had it very long at all and the power screen stays completely black. While charging it does blink the red light for a little while and once it turned blue and sounded as if it was starting up but nothing.  I got rid of my Galaxy 8+ for the exact same reason.  I purchased a Galaxy 9+ as a Christmas gift for myself and if it does the same thing, I will never buy another Samsung Product.

Anyone have any suggestions besides holding down the power and volume up for 10 because it doesn't work? Please help because I cannot take it to the local Best Buy because of Covid-19 and I'm sure Samsung would cost me a fortune.  I appreciate any advice,  


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