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ICYMI: DeX Live with Galaxy Note10

(Topic created: 08-27-2019 08:30 AM)
Cosmic Ray

You know I love gaming on my phone, but sometimes I just want to see it on a monitor. That’s why I’m so excited about DeX Live, the program that was announced at Unpacked with the Galaxy Note10. I’ve been using DeX for a while because it makes it so easy to get work done (and game, of course) with your device. But unlike the DeX of the past, this new version doesn’t require a station. You just need a USB cord to connect to any PC or Mac. Now it’s easier than even to supersize your phone screen. Just think of the possibilities!  


IMAGE FOR BATCH 2 DEX PC_03_performance_larger_screen-Recovered2.jpg


Check out this post about gaming with DeX for more info. Let me know in the comments what you think about DeX Live. 


Game on.


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