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Just a rant about Monopoly Go!! Lol

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Ok I guess on the phone I don't consider myself a game sure I spend hours playing mindless games on the phone and one I'm about to complain about is Monopoly Go ... have you ever herd of it ? You probably haven't lmao but anyway the just of it is  you throw dice go around a board and try and collect stickers that you never get ultimately it just a game on a machine to allow  scopley to rake in soooooo much money and they just take ur stuff away  you work hard for just so they can squeeze you for more money they chilled down prizes to nothing they make it so you loose trying to win stuff how can they justify giving. You let's say 6500 dice and it takes you that many dice if you hit the right spots with every roll now that's whatever but they charge you a $132.00 for 3200 dice .....I'm canadian although so everything costs us more... if you can't get dice ur hooched now they have tourneyments that takes you 12000 dice to get a wild card  if you put that into money your spending $4-$600 ,for one 2 or 3 day tourney if you had bought dice where do these companies get off charging that much ??  Scopely made 2 billion in revenue in 10 months now a company like that should .......... there is being profitable but then their is R#^#^#^# people now I can't wait till the next best game comes along and they loose all of the people  if you made that much revenue wouldn't you want to keep the people happy ?? Anyways lol is there a good mindless game like that that you get gift for your rewards ? Like I think alot of it is opening the stickers and seeing what your getting like opening hockey cards or scratching tickets all addictions lol .... and that the company don't take everything they can from the  people who made then? Like it's a little game app probably written by AI and ran by a bunch of greedy people who are so cheap they keep taking digital items from you to try and force people to spend more money like they haven't made enough !!! But anyways I need some good games ideas that everyone will like that I can start convincing the monopoly  community to leave to alot of people are wanting a new game to go to there are getting annoyed !! Lol 

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