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Bluetooth not connecting

(Topic created: 09-20-2023 11:43 AM)
Cosmic Ray
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Why does my Bluetooth always say that it is connected when it isn't connected on my UN60KU6300?  I have to reboot the TV several times to get it to actually connect.

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Community Manager
HD and UHD TVs

Hello! Thank you so much for posting about this. I can certainly understand the concerns with your TV not connecting to Bluetooth. Every Bluetooth device needs to be put into pairing mode before it will connect to the TV. Here's a link to pair the Bluetooth to your TV: https://www.samsung.com/us/support/answer/ANS00085402/


Also, you will need to factory reset the device as well. You can do that by 

1. Open Settings, and then select General.

2. Select Reset, enter your PIN (0000 is the default), and then select Reset.

3. To complete the reset, select OK. Your TV will restart automatically.

If these steps don't match your TV, navigate to Settings, select Support, and then select Self Diagnosis. The reset will be located in that menu.


If the issue still occurs then the unit will need service. 

I recommend letting a service technician have a look. As we would like to gather additional information and look at this from a case-by-case basis, please provide the full model code and serial number of the device as well as your best contact phone number, name, and email.  




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