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Controlling DVD-VR375 with 2022 Frame?

(Topic created: 04-29-2023 02:44 PM)
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The DVD-VR375 is a combined DVD and VHS video recorder/player. It has HDMI output, so I was hoping it would play nicely with my new(ish) 42" Frame. Especially since the specific remote for my recorder is missing.

"Out of the box", the Frame could play HDMI from the 375, and the Frame's controller was able to pause, unpause, and scan back and forward. However it couldn't seem to trigger a genuine rewind, or power on/off, and I haven't found any way to get to the 375's menus so I could access advanced features.

I tried configuring the Frame specifically for this device, by telling it that this HDMI input was attached to a "home theater" device, selecting Samsung as the brand, and searching for DVD-VR375. Unfortunately, whether I scan the list manually or enter that model name directly, the Frame doesn't know this model.



1) Is there a way to control this video recorder from the Frame? Maybe it's command set is close enough to one of the models that is supported?

2) As fallback... What model remote control shipped with the DCD-VR375? Yes, I know I can buy programmable remotes from Amazon or ebay that have been preconfigured for this recorder, but I'd much rather start with the correct OEM controller, since I don't entirely trust those programmables. If I know what the right model number is for the remote, I can try to find it.

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Unfortunately, the device your attempting to connect does not have ARC HDMI, just normal. So it is not possible to control it with your TV remote.