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Flat sound with new TV QN75Q70AAFXZA

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I inherited a QN75Q70AAFXZA which is replacing my UN65RU8000FXZA. I have an HTD6500W for my home theater audio, which worked fine with my previous TV. But now with the newer TV hooked up the sound is very flat, the sub only works when playing movies and there is something like an explosion happening. If music is playing in the movie it is flat sounding. Any in TV app, firestick app or even my Xbox series X has flat sound. Tried switching on and off settings and doing factory resets but no fix. everything has the most up to date software. I am using ARC to connect them which is the same setup I had on the previous TV. I did plug it back in to the previous TV and it started to work fine again, but will not work on the newer TV. Any info on how to fix this or recommendations would be appreciated

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@dc0523 Welcome to the Samsung Member's Community. I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing technical difficulties with your Samsung Television. It is not possible to make a formal diagnosis about the issue you're experiencing. I can provide you with information to assist you.

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