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Brand new cooktop has scuffs/blemishes!

(Topic created: 05-17-2023 12:36 PM)
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Help. I'm soooo frustrated and disappointed that my BRAND NEW Samsung cooktop has multiple blemishes that won't scrub off (I've tried everything, including Cerama Bryte, baking soda and vinegar). I've literally cooked only 3 times on the burner with NO spillage. The blemishes appear to be UNDER the glass, and there are a couple of scuff marks on top of the glass that must have come from shipping. I've waited for years to get a Samsung kitchen appliance package, so you can only imagine my frustration after having my 4 new appliances for only TWO weeks. Part of me wants to request a replacement, but it's already been such a headache to install the oven and dishwasher myself (literally blood sweat and tears last week). I don't think I can do it again. I'm so disappointed. 😭

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I'm so sorry to hear as I have been there before. Unfortunately what I have realized is nothing comes flawless anymore 😕 I was actually just thinking about this the other day. How far something like a appliance travels and how many hands it changes before we get it in our homes. It travels thousands of miles moves from planes ships ect many different warehouses until it arrives . I also invision someone on a loading dock somewhere giving my new refrigerator a swift kick because it was heavy lol. Anyway if it's really bad just request a replacement part this way you know it will not just be the same thing. 2 thing's that can get stuff off the top many think won't come off. First is a razor blade hold it safely and angled and flat to scrape off. and the second trick is Mr clean magic eraser it's like magic :sparkles:️ enjoy your new kitchen you waited a long time to enjoy. And nothing stays perfect long Anyway 😉