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Gas range Model #NX58M6850SS burning food.

(Topic created: 10-25-2022 07:02 AM)
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We seem to be having a problem with the upper oven.  

When selecting the c-bake option it will burn food.  Burns fast too.  Was cooking some baked chicken thighs at 400 as the recipe called for and it burnt the top of the chicken within 5 minutes.  

Prior to that we did pot pies and same thing happened, and it's within minutes of placing it in the preheated oven.

Anyone advise?  It's not even 2 years old  yet.   Purchased first week of Feb 2021 and was installed by a licensed gas contractor.

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Community Manager
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Hi there, We appreciate you reaching out about this. I definitely know how frustrating it can be when your food doesn't cook right. To help with this, I'm providing the link below to our guide on oven temperature issues. It will walk you through all the best troubleshooting steps to resolve this. 


However, If you have tried all of these steps, and the oven is still not cooking right, it will require service. There are a couple options here we can take based on your warranty status.
1. You can utilize this link to locate an authorized service center in your area to obtain estimates for repairs: http://www.Samsung.com/us/support/service/location or reach out to any local repair shop.
2. The other option, would be a replacement of the unit. Samsung.com offers amazing deals on different models that may be to your liking, check out those deals here: https://www.samsung.com/us/ranges/