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G9 Odyssey Not Working With HDMI Unless DP is Plugged Into Another PC

(Topic created: 10-19-2021 04:39 PM)
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Hello everyone,

I have an odd issue going on that I can't seem to figure out. I had my G9 Odyssey plugged into my work laptop (Lenovo T480) via DP and it worked great. I recently got another work laptop (Lenovo T14S) and was looking to use HDMI. Reason being is in order to use ethernet, I had to purchase an ethernet adapter. This gets in the way of the DP, hence using HDMI instead.

However, when I plug the HDMI cable in, the G9 monitor goes black. What's even more odd is if I take that same DP  wire and plug it into my old PC while my new PC is still plugged in via HDMI, the G9 turns on and works just fine. I can't seem to figure out what my old PC having a DP connected to it has anything to do with the new PC working via HDMI. I've also tried connecting DP into the new PC just to see what happens and the G9 turns on, but it's nonstop flashing and blinking and fuzziness.


Any help is appreciated!

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Monitors and Memory

Sounds like the monitor and laptop are not being agreeable with resolutions and refresh rates which will result in black screens or shakey displays.

Consult the monitor manual for usable HDMI resolutions/refreshes and adjust the laptop accordingly.

DP and HDMI are two  different animals when it comes to usable resolutions/refresh rates.