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Purchased A 990 PRO 1TB SSD M.2 with Heatsink to replace my Western Digital 256 SSD M.2 - Blue Screen After Install

(Topic created: 04-04-2024 01:49 PM)
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I recently bought myself a birthday present to upgrade my storage on my pc. I originally bought this pc with a Western Digital 256 SSD M.2 in it but have quickly ran out of space due to how big games are now days. I decided to upgrade to the 990 Pro M.2 SSD to quadruple my storage. I also have a 1TB HDD that I use for not as intensive games. When I took out my old SSD and inserted my new SSD and installed windows it was able to boot up and I was able to use my pc. Upon checking my devices and drives tab I noticed my 1TB HDD wasn't showing up. So I decided to restart my pc thinking maybe it just needed to restart to pick up my HDD. Well now I'm stuck on a blue screen that has "Recovery" at the top left of the screen with text of "Your PC/device needs to be repaired" "This application or operation system couldn't be loaded because a required file is missing or contains errors" Error Code: 0xc000000e. I'm Unable to get passed the blue screen... (when I take out my new SSD and Insert my OLD SSD it boots up instantly)

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I suggest disconnecting the HDD and reinstalling windows again to the 990.


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the error is about bcdboot store! 

Thera are several senarios that may cause the issue!

Senario 1 
Wrong boot order. you must select the correct disk to boot from.
Power on computer, push DEL or any other key for boot options
Select windows Boot manager or Uefi 990 pro
If the blue screen appears again remove all additional hdd/ssd and try again.

Senario 2
You must reconfigure bcd store.
Boot from winPe  to use command promt
input the following commands

  1. dikpart
  2. list vol (this will list you the disks volumes)
  3. select vol n ("n" is the number of volume labeled as SYSTEM and fs=Fat32)
  4. assign letter S (in order to give a letter to partition)
  5. exit
    now you have to look for the letter in fs=NTFS 2TB partition from the list above. C letter is the most common
  6. bcdboot c:\windows /s s: /f UEFI (input in c:\ the letter for yours ntfs partition
     Then restart your pc