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Samsung TV Q70A Bluetooth pairing crash with sony headset wh-1000xm4

(Topic created: 12-09-2022 09:45 AM)
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Hi, for around a week now, I can no longer pair my Bluetooth headset Sony wh-1000xm4 with my Samsung TV Q70A. I was using the headset nearly daily even though it was not perfect, it was working. 

Now, each time I try to pair with the TV, I select the device, and it starts the pairing process just when I think it is working; the pairing crash on the Sony and the device is no longer paired.


  • Open the TV, go to SmartThing's quick menu, and I can see wh-1000xm4
  • I hold the pairing button on the Sony until I hear 'bluetooth paring'
  • On TV (SmartThing's quick menu), I select the wh-1000xm4
  • I see the TV writing connecting, then connected
  • In the Sony headset, I hear 'Bluetooth pair....'. and then crash
  • The crash seems to be the voice staled at the end of the word paring saying 'ingggggggggggg'

The sony works well on other devices like computers (windows, mac) or bose speakers and phones (android, iPhone), so I guess something changes on the TV.

Please, I know SmartThing is a different department, but please be smart and forward it internally not to make me waste my time

I have found a workaround, it is not working 100%  of the time but often:

  • Hold the power button of the TV remote so it close and also restart while still pressing the button
  • Pair the headset right away
  • Open Netflix after
  • I was able to pair it 3 times yet this way.

Second workaround (faster than the first, credit to @TargetPriority there

  1. Go to setting > General > Accessibility > multi audio output
  2. Click on Multi-output Audio if nothing is appearing
  3. Select you bluetooth device then click connect
  4. Audio work in the bluetooth device

Note: The only disadvantage is that you can't use the TV remote for the headphones' volume control 

Thansk also to @vustinas that shared it even before but did not saw it!


In conclusion, if you also encounter the problem, please escalate it to Samsung support; the more users report it, the more it will get attention!!!!

@Communityuser3049203 By counting US & CA post, we have around 40 persons reporting this issue, can we have any help on this? Or any statement or update?

Reported Sony model related to this problem:

  • WH-1000XM5
  • WH-1000xm4
  • WH-XB910N
  • WF-1000XM4 (Fixed with Sony firmware update (v2.0.0)
  • WH-CH720N

Other TV model affected:

  • AU800055
  • AU9000
  • q800
  • 55Q80A
  • 90AA85
  • QN65Q80
  • QN75
  • QN900A
  • QN94aa

Last update (Feb 3): Sorry guys, I spoke with support 4-5 times, always the same result, they escalated to a higer team said I will have response after 5 days and I'm left to hangup on waiting for replies. Samsung, I lost faith in you, if only you would let my effort knows it is taking into fixing the problem I would consider contnuing buying your product, now I start feeling you are not worth it. This is the last time I put effort enhancing Samsung experience.

BTW, support is making a joke of redirect me to a clear your cookie image when I tried to push for more information. This is a disgrace!!










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Same same, sony xm5 brand new, no pairing possible anymore with 90AA85,  for a few seconds it pairs then disrupts, sometimes terrible noise in the phones, no work around 😞

Pairing with Bose QC35 II no problem ,

off topic : sound can't be compared with sony , but fortunately they work with Samsung TV









QLED and The Frame

Same here, Sony XM4 and Q70A.

That frustrating software update is probably the source for this problem. I am experiencing everything said here, crashes with distorted "stuck" sound saying "bluetooth conne.........".

I tried factory resetting the TV, the connection worked for the first time and then back to the crashes.

QLED and The Frame

Same here with Sony WH-XB910N which I have been using with this TV for about a year with no issues. The headphones work fine on all my other devices. My Jabra earbuds still work with the TV but I bought the Sony headphones specifically to use with my Samsung TV. 😞


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I have the same issue with QN90A TV and Sony WF-1000XM4 earbuds. Headset repeatedly connects and disconnects. Meanwhile, earbuds work correctly with other devices.

However, for some reason, the earbuds still successfully connect to my TV as a secondary sound output (Multi-output Audio). The fastest way to access this option is through the "Accessibility Shortcuts" menu (opens by long pressing sound button). Just mute the TV, and basically, it's the same as connecting the headphones through SmartThing's quick menu. The only disadvantage is that you can't use the TV remote for the headphones' volume control. I think you can live with that until Samsung fixes this bug (I hope).

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I have the same problem. QN90A with Sony WF-1000XM4 earbuds. Exactly as the original post describes



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Similar issue here - trying to pair Sony WH-1000XM5 headphones to Samsung AU9000 TV. Get a horrible noise in headphones half a second after pairing and then it disconnects. Have tried with two AU9000 TVs (43-inch and 50-inch), same result.


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Same here… Sony wh-1000xm4 and Samsung q800…. Frustrating 


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same problem here, @Communityuser3049203 please fix bluetooth connection from QLED 55Q80A to sony wh 10000xm4.



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The same issue is happening to me, but to pair the ps5 dual sense controllers. I tried two of them without success.

QLED and The Frame

Same problem here! Samsung QN65Q80 and sony wh 1004 xm was working fine until recently and now no longer able to connect via bluetooth