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Back up your phone, people!

(Topic created: 02-19-2024 10:34 AM)
Black Hole
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I see so many posts of people who are having problems with their devices and need to preform a factory reset, yet they don't know how to back up their devices. 

Samsung makes it really easy to back up your devices. There are multiple ways to do this, using Smart Switch. Pick which ever is easiest for you. I believe in redundancy, I use the first 3.

1. Using a computer, download Smart Switch to your computer, Mac or PC.
Connect your phone to your computer and follow the prompts. Make sure you have enough storage space for your backup. On a Samsung computer, I store it on Micro SD card.

2. Thumb drive, preferably one with at least 128gb. Insert the thumb drive to your USBC port, open Smart Switch on your phone, tap on the drive icon, top middle icon, copy all, or custom.
I perform a backup once a week using this method. I carry with me, ALWAYS. You never know when you might need it.

3. Samsung Tablet, Connect your phone to your tablet open Smart Switch on both devices, transfer data. I then move the file to my Micro SD card.

4. Samsung Cloud, this is temporary, you can only store your back up for 30 days.
Open Smart Switch, tap the cloud icon and follow prompts.

I hope this helps people who get stuck having to reset their devices.

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