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[OFFICIAL] Samsung Care "Beyond Boundaries" Program: Introducing Rohan from PA

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Hey Community, 

The article below is the second installment of our Samsung Care Beyond Boundaries service program!

Our national network of Samsung Certified technicians are ready to help you where you live, from hard-to-reach rural areas to large cities. Our goal is to provide you with a convenient service that works for you. We make it easy to schedule a technician who is highly skilled to complete the work.

Rohan is part of our Beyond Boundaries service program in Pennsylvania, and is responsible for providing in-home repair all over the state. 

“I would like to thank Rohan for the service I received on my dryer. I can tell he truly cares about his customers." Toashie C.

Rohan (Above & Beyond).png

We know our customers rely on our products every day to keep their households running smoothly. That’s why we worked quickly to assist Toashie C., a proud mother of seven adopted boys and a grandmother with quite a busy home! Rohan, a Samsung technician based in Pennsylvania, stopped by their home to provide swift service for their Samsung dryer. After a successful visit, Toashie’s wonderful family left such an impression on Rohan that he wanted to take a photo after a successful visit!

Rohan 2 (Above & Beyond).jpg

Rohan 3 (Above & Beyond).jpeg

We greatly appreciate when our techs go above and beyond for our customers. 

Head here to learn more about the Beyond Boundaries program, and other TV and Appliance Care options!

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