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Samsung DEX Feature Requests

(Topic created: 06-20-2022 03:35 PM)
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Hi, I use DEX every day on my S22 Ultra.  I cant live without it.

Here are a couple features I would like to see...

1) Support a swipe gesture for back button on wireless trackpad.  The pinch to zoom gesture is supported (for example on the Chrome browser), so it seems the back swipe gesture should also be supported since horizontal scrolling is also supported for (eg apple magic trackpad).

2) Google Chrome has some problems in DEX mode due to mobile browser user agent and popups.  While you can manually check "desktop site", to fix this, it seems that in DEX mode this should be defaulted.  Having to set it per page or per site can cause issues with redirects that wont work for example.  Popups do not seem to work even when enabling in the Chrome settings.  For example I had to download firefox to be able to login to AWS console via the browser.  There are numerous problems with chrome due to the mobile user agent and they are very unpredictable on a site by site basis.  It does seem that the samsung browser has fewer problems.

3)  Provide a setting to reverse the scroll direction (eg turn off natural scrolling OS wide)

4) Selecting text in browser editors does not appear to work

5) Double clicking tabs in the Samsung Internet Browser should be single click

6)  There is a large unselectable margin around app windows.  for example if I try to click on a desktop icon beneath a window even though its visible I cant unless I move the window away from the icon due to this invisible, unclickable border.  Window borders should not extend visible or not over items below but visible to the user

7) Its unclear how I would make a phone call while running DEX connected to a TV.

😎  Why does "sign in with galaxy device" work in google chrome but not in Samung Internet browser?

9)  In Samsung internet browser combine all "history clearing" actions into one place, to delete history and cookies and site data I have to go to 3 places in settings.

10) Why doesnt the notes app have spell check?

11) ** IMPORTANT ** Do you know its not even possible to login to this Samsung website using the Samsung Internet browser (using email and password)?!  It only works on chrome.

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Community Manager
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Thank you for your interest in sharing your idea with Samsung. We appreciate your feedback and will tag it on the forum so that it will appear with other feedback, ideas, and requests. This will allow your post to be more easily found in the event that Samsung product groups are seeking outside feedback/requests/ideas regarding our products.