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Samsung Internet Browser Integration With Crunchyroll A Disaster

(Topic created: 06-04-2023 10:52 PM)
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I absolutely love your video controls that integrate with the Crunchyroll video player but for the love of God why does your browser log me out of the Crunchyroll website when your browser (playing video) is reduced to the background for more than a couple minutes!! THAT IS SO FLIPPING ANNOYING!!!!!! The Chrome, Firefox, and DuckDuckGo browsers HAVE NEVER DONE this so why does your browser!! I have adjusted everything in your Privacy Dashboard, uninstalled my Unicorn Ad Blocker, and nothing makes any difference. Can you please fix this?

Also, when you watch several episodes in a Crunchyroll series and return to your Watchlist or History NOTHING IS UPDATED! According to the Crunchyroll Watchlist and History you never watched the numerous episodes you just got done watching!!!!!! Even if I pause the video and refresh the web page NOTHING UPDATES ANYWHERE!! It's like the Samsung browser is blocking the sync that should be happening with the Crunchyroll website that should update the Watchlist and the History. The Chrome, Firefox, and DuckDuckGo browsers SYNC THIS INFORMATION WITHOUT ISSUE!! Trying to stream Crunchyroll content using your browser is an absolute nightmare due to all the dysfunctionality imposed by your disastrous integration. Can you fix this?
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Samsung Apps and Services

At least you can watch it a little,  My samsung tv internet browser just say incompatable with the cruchy roll site.

Anime is better than regular TV,  get with it Samsung!