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Store Wallpaper Purchases

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So my old phone was an LG & on it, u could go to their version of a store similar to Samsungs but of course Samsungs is much better just generally speaking obviously. 😉 But when I would essentially purchase or even Set as Wallpaper on the free images avail, this would save a copy of this image to my internal storage in Gallery so I could access this image later if I wanted. But on Galaxy, this doesn't do this. But what's more concerning is the images or wallpaper for example that I paid for not the free ones but those I've actually bought from the Store do not seem to have this option even available at all. Is this true? The Wallpapers & other media we buy or purchase off Galaxy Store is not avail to us thereafter period? Reason I ask is I do not always have a network connection or a solid one even at that so being able to use those images for ex I purchased would be great considering I did pay money for them. But as it is currently I think we cannot use them without having a network connection solid enough for image display & without having to use the Galaxy Store app to manipulate how I want to use that image like setting it as wallpaper. 
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Samsung Apps and Services
The wallpapers, themes, etc that you've downloaded are saved to both your Samsung account and your phone, but they are not saved to your Gallery. You can find your downloaded content in either the Galaxy Store or the Theme Store.

In Theme Store, go all the way to the right in the row of buttons near the top. Tap "My Stuff" and you will see tabs for your themes, wallpapers, icons, and AODs.

In Galaxy Store, tap the three-lines menu in the bottom right corner.

Tap "My Apps" in the upper left corner.

Tap "Themes" and use the drop-down menu to select from themes, wallpapers, icons, AODs, fonts, or Stickers and AR emojis.

The two screenshots on the left are for the Theme Store. The two on the right show the Galaxy Store. I hope this helps.