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Art Store Promo

(Topic created: 04-10-2024 11:16 AM)

For approximately 1.5 months,  I have tried to access the free 2-year Art Store promotion that was supposed to be made available when I purchased my Frame TV but was unable to do so.  The significant amount of time I spent on the phone with customer support got me nowhere.  The emails sent to Frame CS seemed to fall into a black hole.  Ultimately, I did get one response wherein I was provided with a code for the promotion.  As directed, I redeemed the promotion code and it appeared in my account.  The excitement i felt was short lived because when I tried to use the code, it did not appear at checkout.  Once again, I tried Customer Support (promotions) and despite their efforts, I was back where I started and no one could come up with an explanation.  Once again, I resorted to sending emails to Frame CS again.  Despite the silence i heard from Frame CS, I tried to apply the credit today and it WORKED.  Problem solved (I hope).  Persistence pays!

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