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Samsung On-Device Resources

(Topic created: 05-09-2024 08:28 PM)
Hello All,
I am hoping to install this on my Tab s7+ so I can use Bixby Voice to turn on/off Bluetooth/WiFi even when not connected to the internet. I know most of the Bixby functionality is meant to have cloud resources available to function properly. However, this is another perplexing issue when it comes to Samsung apps not functioning with their native environment.

To clarify, I see that the Settings option for "offline processing" does not exist on my Tab as it does on my S22U in the Galaxy Store. I'd just like to have that basic voice functionality, as I use my tablet with an external display and Bluetooth mouse and keyboard, and the tablet is tucked up and away where it is connected to my receiver.

Any suggestions?

Thank you so much!

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