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Samsung Galaxy Camera 101 Vol. 1: Mastering The Essentials

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Samsung Galaxy Camera 101

Vol. 1: Mastering The Essentials




#1 Put Your Own Personal Spin on Pics

     Calling all shutterbugs! Shoot epic moments with favorite personalized camera mode and desired camera settings!


Keep photoshoots original without repeating the same style with ‘Settings to keep’ and shoot instantly with ‘Custom camera widget’.


1. Preserve preferred shooting modes with ‘Settings to keep’

Activate ‘Settings to keep’ to maintain preferred settings automatically when you open the camera. Now there’s no need to keeping resetting time after time!

How to> Tap ‘Camera settings’ > Tap ‘Settings to keep’ > Activate desired options



2. Quick access with ‘Custom camera widget’

Create a widget for quick access to your favorite camera settings! There’s no more need for lengthy steps, just click on your designed widget, start shooting and save.


How to> Long press the background and tap ‘Widgets’ > Tap ‘Camera’ and add ‘Custom camera’ >  Set widget background and select album to save in ‘Widget settings’


*Actual UI/UX may be different.







#2 Trusty tips for pros

     Want to take epic shots that truly capture the essence of every scene? We got you covered. Explore ‘Take burst shot’ to get up to 100 shots and ‘Add modes to list’ to shoot simply with your go-to camera modes!


1. More to choose from with Burst Shot!

You may take your eyes off the scene, but Samsung Galaxy camera never wanders!! Capture up to a 100 consecutive shots with Burst Shot for the ultimate shoot!

How to>Tap ‘Camera’ > Tap ‘Settings’ and ‘Swipe Shutter button to’ > Select ‘Take burst shot’ > Shoot burst shot > Edit shots and use them as GIF

*Actual UI/UX may be different.


2. Add your favorite modes to list!

If you have your go-to camera modes to shoot, simply drag and drop modes to your list!

How to>‘Camera’ > Tap ‘MORE’ > Select the mode > Drag it down to the list > ‘Save‘

SamsungJustin_3-1719503085253.gif*Actual UI/UX may different.





#3 Flaunt your creativity with useful editing tips

Let your photos showcase the joy and fun that went into creating them and making them special. Try out ‘Motion photo’ to capture 3 seconds before the shooting and turn it into a GIF and ‘My filters’ to make your filter analyzed by AI. Explore a variety of transitions in your photo!


1. Three-second preview with ‘Motion photo’

Sometimes we need to give the photos we love a little boost! Why not bring magical scenes to life before capturing them forever? ‘Motion photo’ lets you capture 3 seconds before the shooting. You can then save and edit it as a GIF.


How to>Tap ‘Camera’ > TapSamsungJustin_6-1719503337925.png to activate ‘Motion photo’ and shoot > Select a photo in Gallery and tap> Tap ‘Export’ and ‘GIF’ > Edit and tap ‘Save’


*Actual UI/UX may different.


2. Add a little filter to your favorites!

Put a little more spin on those keepsakes in your gallery! Here is how to give them a new life as a filter with ‘My filters’.

How to>Camera >SamsungJustin_7-1719503362559.png> Tap ‘+’ and select ‘Create filter’ > Select a photo to use as a filter > ‘Create’ > Select filter > Shoot with control


*Actual UI/UX may different.


And there you have it! You’re all ready to get out there and start making magic with your Samsung Galaxy Camera!


*Image simulated for illustrative purposes. *Device compatibility may vary because this content was originally developed for Galaxy S24 Ultra (Android version 14, One UI version 6.1). Availability of the features, and user interfaces may vary depending on the region/country, OS/One UI version, device model, and phone carrier. Subject to change without notification. Copyright© 2016-2024 Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved