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New phone (A15) cannot connect to Google Maps in Android Auto

(Topic created: 05-17-2024 02:26 PM)
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Just went from the A32 to the A15. Google Maps in Android Auto worked fine with the A32 in my 2020 Nissan. If I try to connect to Maps, I may get a black screen with icons at the bottom but they cannot be activated. I may get the map showing my location but cannot navigate, search, or do anything to the screen - it is a static display. I can get the "Welcome to Android Auto"  screen but cannot activate the "Okay" button or "Manage" button. I also get "No installed apps work with the is USB accessory" screen. New phone running Android 14 and new cable20240516_211139.jpgScreenshot_20240516_205301_Maps.jpg20240516_202953.jpg.

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