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Tik Tok filters don't work on my Samsung A54

(Topic created: 06-06-2023 11:13 AM)
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HELP!!...Okay I know this isn't a big deal but I went from a Samsung A51 to the Samsung a54 when I was on tick tock before WITH MY A51 everything always working never had any problems with anything on tiktok ....however with my new a54 almost 80% of the filters don't work a lot of the features don't work is anybody else having this problem I have uninstalled reinstalled is anybody else having this problem I have uninstalled reinstalled logged in logged out clear cache and data even got support from Tick Tock management and told me that my phone was too old what the heck is going on this is a brand new phone shouldn't it work better than the old ones is anybody else having this problem let me know ????.... #TICKTOK 

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I just got the A54 after using my S9+ since 2019... everything works fine on my S9+. Even tested this out and was able to use a tik tok filter that the A54 said it couldn't. It's very frustrating because everything should work fine.
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Yes my old phone everything worked great and now with this new phone nothing seems to work even my voice sometimes doesn't work hopefully they update everything and it will start to work still having problems with mine though. definitely frustrating because you want everything to work better... well at least I know I'm not the only one thank you for your reply.
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Hello gigi4200,


Thanks for reaching out for assistance.


I can understand how frustrating it can be to not be able to use all of your TikTok filters and features on your phone. I see you have mentioned that you already tried a few troubleshooting steps like clearing the app cache and data, as well as uninstalling and reinstalling the app. 


Let's make sure the TikTok app is up-to-date. Outdated apps can affect certain features for that specific app.

1. Open the Play Store, tap your profile picture, and then tap Manage apps & device.

2. Tap Updates available to see what apps need updates.

3. From here, you can either tap Update next to individual apps, or tap Update all to install all available updates.


You can also find these exact steps in this link here: https://www.samsung.com/us/support/answer/ANS00080581/


Next, let's try wiping the cache partition on the device. Doing this step is always good to do if you recently received an OS update. It basically cleanses your data, files, and the phone overall.


Follow these steps below:

1. Turn off the Samsung Galaxy A54 5G by using the Power key.

2. Link the device with the computer by using the USB cable and hold down the Power button & the Volume Up.

3. When the SAMSUNG logo shows up, let go the keys. After a while, the Recovery mode activates

4. Here, use the Volume rocker to navigate and the Power key to select, pick the Wipe cache partition operation.

5. Choose the Yes position to confirm.

6. Finally, use the Reboot system now to enable the phone.


If you are still not able to use certain filters or features on the TikTok app after trying the steps above, then I would recommend continue reaching out to the developers of TikTok since this is a third-party app issue.


Feel free to reach back out to one of our moderators if you need any further assistance.