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Galaxy Book Flex SPen Intermittent Connectivity

(Topic created: 10-04-2021 09:23 PM)

My Laptop's model number is: NP950QCG-K01US

Hello, I am having issue with my Spen on my Galaxy Book Flex. When I am using my Spen, mainly for note taking, there will be 0.5-2 second gaps where the pen stops working and no touch is registered. No error notifications come up when this happens. I have made sure that all of my drivers are up to date, even going as far as to reinstall the Windows driver for my Spen. Not even resetting my Spen or Laptop fixes the issue for more than a couple of minutes. 

Any suggestions towards fixing this issue would be greatly appreciated!

UPDATE 10/7/21:
I have since completely reset my laptop and the issue is still present.

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Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

I understand this is frustrating. Since you have performed the updates and reset, the laptop will require service. Please send the serial number to this PM Link. and I will be happy to assist you with setting this up.

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