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How-to: Travel Photography Tips

The biggest photography tip I can give you is to get to know your device. No matter which Galaxy you own, the power of a pro style photo is in your hands. You just need to know the right settings. Here’s some of my faves:


Galaxy S8: Selective Mode- choose the depth of field after taking the shot to choose whichever focus you fancy: foreground, background, or both.


Galaxy S8 (1).jpg


Galaxy Note8: Panorama: Pan the camera from left to right to capture the sweeping vistas around you.


Galaxy Note8_crop (1).jpg


Galaxy S9: Dual Aperture: The S9 lenses adjust to let more in light when needed, allowing you to capture the perfect pic, day or night.


Galaxy S9_02 (1).jpg


Galaxy Note9: Scene Optimizer: Your Galaxy Note9’s intelligent camera can recognize what you’re focusing on and adjust the color to make it look extra fresh. With 20 different modes, you can enhance just about everything.


Galaxy Note9 (1).jpg


Galaxy S10: Selfie Live Focus: No trip is complete without a little self-indulgence. Experiment with depth of field and artistic effects to switch up the mood of your selfies.


Galaxy S10 (1).jpg


Panorama doesn't work on my brand new note 9 & it also di...

Panorama doesn't work on my brand new note 9 & it also didn't work on my note 8. Why?