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Photographers discover Galaxy S10 camera features

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A handful of photographers from our Emerging Creators Program flew to San Francisco for Unpacked. Morning of, we surprised them with brand-new Galaxy S10s, then asked them to test out its Pro-Grade Camera. They hit the streets and saw the city through multi-perspective lenses.CF_ECP Group.png

Here are some of the other new and improved features they explored, and pictures captured along the way…


Shot Suggestion with Scene Optimization: The camera’s AI helps you frame up your subject to get the best shot.CF_Shot Suggestion.png


Ultra Wide Lens: The lens is a full 123° wide, meaning the camera sees what you see and captures wider shots.

CF_Landmark 1.png                         CF_ Landmark UW.png


Dual In-Display Front Portrait Cameras (S10+ only): A fancy way to say it takes selfies with Live Focus. The front-facing camera has two lenses, just like the back camera.

CF_ECP Selfie.png

Intelligent Battery and Performance: Shoot all day and watch your battery stay alive. After a few uses, the Galaxy S10 learns how you use your phone, then powers accordingly.


Check out more on Emerging Creators below, then capture your own photos #withGalaxy. The Galaxy S10 is on sale now in-store and online here.


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