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Z Flip 5 Smell and overheating

(Topic created: 03-05-2024 01:48 PM)
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Hi all! I have been playing heavily Pokemon Go on my Samsung Z Flip 5, and at times it smells like burning plastic. I am not sure if I am overheating the phone regularly, or if it has a battery leakage. I runned phone diagnostics of the battery, and everything seems normal... 

Either or, should I get the phone checked for any potential leakage/explosion? Or is the phone simply overheting and needs a cool off every once and a while? 
Thank you! 
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Community Manager
Community Manager
Fold & Flip Phones

Hello. I can definitely see how this would be concerning!I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this is caused you!  We do have a specialized team that would be happy to help you with this situation. I would encourage you to reach out to this team directly to get this matter resolved. 

Please be aware, this team will be asking for specific information, such as your name, street address, email, place of purchase, bill of sale (to validate warranty status), and will request any documentation related to this incident. The additional documentation could include photos of an injury/damage, receipts or estimates of repairs, and/or medical documentation, etc.

 The quickest way to reach this specialized team is by calling 1-800-726-7864. 

Alternatively, you can reach out to our Facebook or Twitter Support teams to set up a call back. 

If you don’t wish to call, I would recommend speaking with our Live Chat team.