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QUestion on CARRIER AGGREGATION on AT&T Carrier for the unlocked non-AT&T branded Samsung devices

(Topic created: 08-07-2021 05:57 PM)
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I own an unlocked unbranded (non-ATT branded) Samsung Note 9 purchased directly from Samsung (the model verisoon ends with U1). When I dial *#0011# it says CA-DISABLED (meaning Carrier Aggregation on this device is disabled by ATT SIM).

Can anyone else, who owns a non-ATT branded, unlocked Samsung device with ATT SIM in it, please dial *#0011# and let me know if you also see there: CA - DISABLED (carrier aggregation has been disabled) by ATT carrier. Please make sure you are NOT connected to WiFi when dialing the above code. Make sure you are also connected to cellular on ATT, and please REPLY to me here what you see with CA. If your device is ATT branded, please do not respond as I am looking for non-ATT branded unlocked Samsung devices with ATT SIM Carrier Aggregation status.  

I think that ATT disables Carrier Aggregation on the unlocked non-ATT branded Samsung Devices with ATT SIM in it, but I just want to confirm with everyone else who owns non-ATT branded unlocked Samsung device that that is the case.

Thank you in advance.

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@userfZu2uF4Mdr My unlocked Note 20 Ultra 5G bought from Samsung is using an AT&T SIM. When I dial that code, the CA entry changes frequently. But I do see CA configured. Some times with S1, S2, or S3 or some combo.