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S Calendar and Google calendars not syncing

(Topic created: 05-16-2024 07:14 PM)
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I read an earlier post (https://us.community.samsung.com/t5/Galaxy-S22/Calendar-sync-problem/m-p/2756652) and this solution - 

Galaxy S22

It says my issue is I need to turn ON notifications for the Samsung email app for the Samsung calendar to synch... I've had them off for Years without a problem. I think I also have Samsung ultra 22. I almost missed a client meeting the other day as I was out and about so I think I will try your idea of the google calendar 


But this solution is not working for me. On my phone, the Samsung calendar and the Google calendar match up instantly. If I add something online to the Google calendar it shows up instantly on my phone. However, NOTHING FROM MY PHONE SHOWS UP ON THE COMPUTER. My family really needs these calendars to sync b/c we've always shared the calendar and suddenly no one knows what anyone else is doing. I'd rather not just switch to Google from here on out and lose all my past calendar data from the Samsung calendar b/c I run a business and need past records.

Please, another solution??? @SamsungChelsea 



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