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Smart Switch not recognizing backup files

(Topic created: 01-18-2024 12:58 PM)
Galaxy S Phones

My phone (s20) wasn't vibrating and I tried

everything except for a factory reset to fix it, so

before resetting, I used Smart Switch on a compute

to back up all my data to an external hard drive and

before I unplugged my phone, I checked the folder

and everything was there. However, the next time I

opened the folder, everything was gone. So I spent

over 24 hrs and $40 to use Recuva, and all the

files are there now, but I can't access them on the

computer and even though the files are there in File

Explorer, everything is still empty in Smart Switch.

It's vibrating again now for some reason (the reset

didn't help but it works).

I'm more annoyed and frustrated that the process

wasn't as seemless as it should have been than I am

about losing a handful of images and contacts that

weren't backed up and message history.

If anyone has any solution to this problem, that

would be greatly appre


ciated. Thank you.

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Community Manager
Galaxy S Phones

Hello there, Justa_Dude! Welcome to the community! Because there are so many variables to consider, we recommend that you submit your query in our Smart Things forum, detailing what products are being utilized, including their model numbers, and what the general end objective is, so that our experts can investigate further.  https://community.smartthings.com/  Additionally, you're welcome to contact the Smart Things Team at, 1-866-813-2404 or by email at support@smartthings.com.