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Switch to LTE from 5G in Verizon

(Topic created: 03-07-2021 06:02 AM)
Cosmic Ray
Galaxy S21

How to switch from 5G to LTE data in galaxy s21 in settings Or I have to call verizon tech department? Currently I have unlocked Galaxy S21 and want manually to be able to switch between 5G and LTE data speeds. I can not do it. When I try to switch it in "mobile network"-"network mode" from automatic to manual it gives me a list of network operators but an option to switch from 5G to LTE. I want to switch to LTE to save battery use time. Also, iphone 12 max on verizon is able to do it in settings.

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Galaxy S21

Just to leave a better trail for folks to follow, when you run Samsung Band Select, READ what the screen says. Use Google to determine which bands YOUR carrier uses for 4G and for 5G. If things go sideways, open the Band Select app again, and pick "Automatic". 

HOWEVER, what seems simpler to me is the the other button in Samsung Band Select, labelled "More Network Settings". (I paid for the app, so it MIGHT be a paid option). The next screen had my carrier listed, and I touched that and then at the bottom of the resulting screen, is a line labelled "Advanced". Touch that, and a new set of option lines come up, one of which says "Preferred Network Type". That gives 5G, LTE, and 3G options.

After doing the second method and selecting LTE, "5G" does not show in my status bar, but LTE does. Previously it displayed "5G". OpenSignal app says I am connected to 4G, in a location that OpenSignal previously said 5G.