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More Personalization options for different notification sounds

(Topic created: 03-25-2024 10:51 AM)
Galaxy S22

Really need more detail/options to set different sounds for different notifications I'm disabled and I get a lot of notifications from YouTube from channels I subscribe to I want to be able to set a different sound notification for those when I get a text I want a certain sound for that and when I have a voicemail I want a different sound for that I shouldn't have to pick up my phone to see if the notification I have sounding off is someone trying to reach me or if it's a new post from a channel on YouTube, PLEASE ADD THIS IT IS SO FRUSTRATING WHEN YOUR DISABLED I DO DIFFERENT PROJECTS AROUND THE HOUSE WITH CHALLENGING BUT IT KEEPS ME BUSY CUZ I CAN'T GET OUT I NEED TO KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON WITH MY PHONE WITHOUT HAVING TO RUN TO IT AND PICK IT UP EVERY TIME PLEASE ADD THESE FEATURES I BEG YOU THANK YOU

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