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Trade in EMPTY BOX !

(Topic created: 11-14-2023 11:53 AM)
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I traded in an S22 U for a S23 U, Samsung sent me an email that the box was empty.

I called and sent them the pictures of me packing up the phone, I also snent them a screenshot of the weight of the box, 1lb. Wouldn't an empty box weigh less then 1lb.
I first called on Sunday and the rep said he got everything he needed and please keep line open I will call you today. No call.
Called again yesterday spoke to another rep, she saw all the pictures, she said I sent proof the box wasn't empty. She would escalate to her team and I should get a response 
in 3-5 business days. 
I can't afford to get hit with the $800 for a non-empty box.
Hopefully Samsung does the right thing knowing they have a problem with a small amount of their trade-ins being stolen or later found. 
There was a hiccup in the delivery, stuck somewhere in Texas due to a weather delay, checked radar in the area, there was no extreme weather in the area whatsoever for the 2 days that it was stuck there.
Samsung should not only take pictures of the box opened, they should also take pictures of the box as delivered. I tape up the whole box, so I can prove a box was tampered with prior to receipt.
My next trade-in, I will box up at FedEx with a checklist of steps and have the Agent sign it.
Moral of this story, document everything, 
Members app, screen recording of the diagnostic test, to prove everything worked, pictures of wiped phone, pictures of every angle of the phone for damage.
I did all of these things!
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Hi Robin621k, Thank you for sharing your experience with the trade-in of your S22U. We appreciate you sharing the tips regarding documenting the boxing of your phone.

This FAQ also offers some tips and additional information regarding trading in a device: https://www.samsung.com/us/trade-in/frequently-asked-questions/

Anyone with concerns regarding a trade-in should reach out to the E-Commerce team for assistance by calling 1-855-726-8721.