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S24 ultra sound quality, display, power button and battery issue

(Topic created: 05-27-2024 06:45 PM)
Galaxy S24

Hi, I recently a day before bought  s24 ultra. I a a facing  issues like - 

1. Power button is loose as compared to volume buttons. They are rigid and power button is having some movements. Is it only with my unit or common?

2. Speaker sounds like creaky - bass is missing and it is loud but strained type as well. Is it normal?

3. Display is not vibrant. I used vividness slider to adjust but not so much difference. Colors on some apps not look accurate like green and violet colors and overall colors are less contrasty.

4. Battery is not that great. 5 hrs hardly on normal usage..


Can these be fixed with an update or should I change my unit. Please someone guide and help me out.

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Red Giant
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The first question is, where did you purchase the phone? There are plenty of scammers selling fake phones. However, the genuine Samsung S24's have been improved quite a bit by released updates since the phone was released four months ago, especially the display quality. The battery performance should improve after a week or so as the phone learns your useage pattern. Install all available updates and see how it works for a week or two.
Cosmic Ray
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The top speaker of the S24 Ultra does, according to @JerryRigEverything on YouTube, not have any white or blue sound balls inside it's speaker...


Not quite sure why they didn't add balls but perhaps that's why the top speaker sounds different from the bottom speaker.