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Does health/stress data tracking require Bluetooth connection?

(Topic created: 03-15-2024 07:02 AM)
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I'd like to know if having a timeline of stress and health data is only possible if the phone and watch are connected via Bluetooth when the health data is collected?  Or does the watch buffer/save an entire day's worth of health data and upload to the phone at the end of the day once Bluetooth is connected?

This is a LTE Watch5, paired to a non-Galaxy phone (Motorola).  I know some watch metrics, like EKG, Samsung limits to their phones, but I'm just interested in heart rate and stress data.

My kid will wear a Galaxy Watch 5 (LTE) to school and doesn't have the phone near the watch.  His phone stays at home all the time (it's wifi only phone).  I'm assuming I'm not able to see any stress data in real time?  But when he comes home will the health data upload to the phone?  It's not a huge reason for the watch, but I'm wondering how that works.

Can a single home phone be used to pair/configure two watches?  I have two kids and I'm wondering if health data can be centralized to this one home phone?  Also curious if the phone connects to both watches at the same time via bluetooth?  Or do we have to manually alternate which phone is connected in order to upload the health data?

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@Sam261 You can connect multiple watches to a single phone BUT only one has an active connection at a time. This facilitates the user case, for example, of having a dress watch and a work watch. So you can put one watch on the charger and the one that is put on your wrist becomes the active watch. The wearable app supports this active handover. 

Any data collected by any watch connected is aggregated together. It assumes a single person is using all watches connected to the phone. 

Currently Samsung does not support the scenario where someone is managing multiple watches for multiple people.  

I'll add this caveat... my comments assume that you are using a Samsung phone.