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Samsung Health phone app map issue

(Topic created: 02-04-2023 11:30 PM)
Shawni Tsunami
Galaxy Watch


I recently went on a run with my Watch4 using Samsung health to track my data. At the end Samsung Health app on my watch showed all my data including a map. When I went to look on my phone using Samsung Health app it showed all my data but the map. I also went through previous works outs that displayed the map on my phone and those have disappeared but still show on my watch.

Does anyone have a fix for this?

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Shawni Tsunami
Galaxy Watch

Found the solution.

Make sure you have "Sync with Samsung account" on just incase.

  • To fix my old maps not showing:
    • I Accepted a google map policy. I Just uninstalled then reinstalled Samsung health and it popped after looking at old workouts.
  • To fix my new workout map only showing on my watch:
    • I Turned off my watch
      • went into Samsung health App Info (hold the app icon then click the little "(i)" icon.)
        • click storage at the bottom
          • click "Clear Cache" and "Clear data."
            • Turned on watch and waited for it to sync.

After I did this all my maps showed.