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These watches need a solar recharge feature

(Topic created: 09-30-2023 11:44 AM)
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Hi, I'd like to say first off that I love my galaxy watch with all the features.  However, there is one feature that seems to still as yet be missing...SOLAR RECHARGE.  I served in the military for over 21 years and had to have a pretty durable watch and preferred one with some features to it like altimeter, barometer, compass, gps, etc..  But the most useful feature that I always looked for was a durable watch that had solar recharge.  When in the field that feature comes in very handy especially when you cannot afford to not know what time it is  simply because your watch battery went dead or lost it's charge.  The watches I've had that had this feature usually had a thin ring around the edge of the bezel to keep it charged or at the very least allow it to recharge in the open without access to any kind of electrical source.  Sure, you could buy a mobile solar recharge pad to hook your watch recharger up to, but thats just more stuff to be carrying around and set up...and many mobile solar recharge pads are not very good and take forever to recharge...and when your constantly moving, you don't have time for that.  using full features on any watch will always drain the battery faster, but when all you need is the watch and maybe the compass, then a solar recharge is even more imperative.  Please add this feature in a future model.  Thank You

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Community Manager
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Hello there!  I thank you for the input and have forwarded your suggestions to our designated team.  Thank you for being a Samsung customer and don't hesitate to reach out if you have any additional questions or suggestions.