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Check It Out: Strategy games for Android

Waiting for the doctor. Stalled on the train. Stuck in a meeting. Make the most of dull moments with a mobile strategy game. Here are some of my recent favorites:

1. The Battle of Polytopia: Conquer new lands and battle it out with friends in this turn-based strategy game.

2. Threes: Play around with multiples of threes. This digital puzzle is a throwback to 4th grade math class, but way more fun.

3. Tower Madness 2: Defend sheep from an alien invasion? Any day. This tower defense strategy game is seriously addictive.

4. The Sequence: If you need a brain bender, look no further. Twist and turn modules until the logic problem's solved.

Learn more here.

What strategy games are you playing? List 'em below.





Re: Check It Out: Strategy games for Android

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