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Check it out: Favorite Gaming Devices and Features

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Cosmic Ray

Hey there Gamers! There’s been a lot of chatter among my friends about our personal preferences when it comes to gaming on Samsung devices. So, I thought I’d loop you all into the conversation. Here are the three devices we use most and our favorite features.


Galaxy S10+: The incredible battery life makes this device perfect for gaming anywhere. Not to mention it has a large 6.4” screen so you don’t miss a thing and up to 1TB of storage for those of us who never delete a saved file. 



Samsung Notebook Odyssey: The Intelligent Cooling System in this Notebook is really cool 83 individual jet blades cycle cool air through the laptop chassis while expelling heat, letting you play longer without worrying about overheating. This whole notebook was designed with gaming in mind, so it’s pretty packed with cool features. 



Galaxy Tab S4: The screen on this thing is insane. 10.5” Super AMOLED wide display, 16:10 ratio allows games to be portable AND have cinematic-level graphics. It also comes with an S Pen for super detailed gameplay.  


I’d love to hear what your favorite devices and features are. Let me know in the comments!  


‘Til next time!  


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