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Disconnecting when streaming from music apps on my soundbar

(Topic created: 09-01-2022 10:40 AM)
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We have have constant disconnect issues whenever we stream music to our soundbar via Spotify connect. At random intervals, sometimes 1 minute, sometimes 7.. our soundbar automatically changes it's own source to D-IN / TV ARC, this is with TV turned off,  as a result music on Spotify pauses. 

So far I have not able to track down what causes this behavior.

Reinstalled / updated firmware.

I changed HDMI cables, extra attention to proper seating of the connectors to rule out HDMI handshaking issues.

I removed the optical cable between soundbar and TV.

Did a power cycle (soundbar + tv)

Spotify reinstalled on all devices, including caches wipes.


Right now I am running dry on ideas, so it would be amazing if anyone here can shine a light, come with suggestions or if I am really lucky a solution.

My fear is that it is software related and very low on the prio list for Samsung.